Dear webmaster: if you help us to maintain a clean directory you will obtain high quality traffic to your sites.

  • We do not accept sites hosted on free servers
  • The content and the domain must be hosted in the same server.
  • You must use 20 pictures/10 videos minimum for each free site.
  • Each free site must contain from 4 to 15 external links to different directories.
  • You must put our reciprocal link in a visible place, above the “enter” button.
  • It must have al least two links to other directories apart from ours.
  • You cannot put more than 3 banners/links to sponsors in each page
  • You must use a different template for each page. Rotate them and be creative!
  • The index must show a warning note for minors and a visible button to enter the site.
  • It is completely forbidden to put pictures of children, violations or brutal tortures.
  • Do not use autobookmarking scripts, pop-ups, iframes or any javascript alerts.
  • Do not use self-installing dialers or any other harmful software.
  • Do not add sites with domains that use IPs (e.g.: http: / /10. 11. 12. 13/user/)
  • Do not use hidden links or hidden keywords.
  • Full-page ads (FPA) are not allowed.
  • Do not use low-quality or small pictures.
  • The texts cannot be copied exactly from the sponsor.
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